What we do

Caldecott Fostering Service as an agency acknowledges that every child/young person in their own way is very unique and consequently all have individual needs and have different life experiences.

Because of this belief we aim to provide the child/young person with the very best foster placements which in turn will provide them with a stable and consistent experience of family life. As an agency we will endeavour to provide individual packages of support for all the children and young people who are being looked after by our carers.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide children and young people foster care placements that offer secure and consistent family life experience.
  • Ensure that as an agency we promote and respect the racial, cultural, religious and linguistic background of every child or young person and that this is considered when making placement choices.
  • Ensure that as an agency we promote the gender, sexuality and disability of each child or young person and that this is considered when making placement choices.
  • Ensure that as an agency when we recruit Foster Carers we accept them from a diverse background so as to help us make sure that we find the most appropriate family placement for each child or young person.
  • Ensure our work is child-centred and that we follow the principals of “Every Child Matters” by focusing on the five key outcomes for all our children and young people:
    • Be healthy
    • Stay safe
    • Enjoy and achieve
    • Make a positive contribution
    • Achieve economic well-being

Our principles are to:

  • See each child/young person as being unique and work towards developing their potential regardless of their previous life experiences so that they can take their rightful place in society.
  • Promote the child/young person’s welfare and keep them safe
  • Ensure that we place at the centre of our work the needs of children and young people.
  • Ensure that the agency is managed ethically, efficiently, effectively so that we can meet the needs of the child/young person placed with us.
  • Ensure that all our Foster Carers and the agency’s staff understand and work to clear policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all children/young people have the right to be looked after by carers who not only offer affection but concern and respect.
  • Ensure that everyone who has regular and consistent contact with our children/young people will be vetted and checked as per the standards.
  • Ensure that all Foster Carers and Staff receive regular support, supervision, reviews, as well as professional development.
  • Ensure that we provide a ‘best value’ service to all the placing authorities/ agencies.