Why Caldecott Fostering Service

At Caldecott Fostering Service, we understand the importance you place in choosing the right fostering agency to work with.

So why choose Caldecott Fostering Service?

No other foster agency gives such high quality service with so many incentives.

Our free therapy sessions and good pay ensure we always treat our foster carers with the respect they deserve for doing such a demanding job.

We deliver the necessary support, guidance and expertise to our foster carers 24hrs 365 days a year.

Caldecott Fostering Service is part of the Caldecott Foundation and has a 100 years of experience of looking after the most challenging looked after children and young people.

Training and Development for our foster carers.

We provide ongoing support to all our carers, so they never feel like they don’t have somewhere

Caldecott Fostering Service training and development courses are locally based and are held at a time convenient for you. Training and development courses are provided at no cost to the foster carer.

Foster carers who wish to achieve a recognised accreditation are supported by Caldecott Fostering Service in attaining their NVQ Level 3 Health and Social care qualification.