Meeting the five outcomes

Caldecott Fostering Service works alongside local authorities to achieve positive outcomes in the areas specified in “Every Child Matters.”

  • Be Healthy
  • Be Safe
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing

Be Healthy

  • Foster Carers are encouraged to get themselves and the young people involved in exercise, to encourage all family members to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day and to make the young people aware of the harm caused by smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  • Foster carers are encouraged to provide healthy choices for the children in placement and within their handbook there is a section on Safe Caring, Health and Safety and smoking policies which carers have to follow.
  • Any young person/child with long term health conditions and disabled children will receive appropriate support from professionals and services.
  • All children are registered with a GP and dentist.

Be Safe

  • Caldecott Fostering Service has a comprehensive child protection policy and Safe Caring policy to ensure that children/young people placed are safe from harm, neglect and sexual exploitation.
  • Under no circumstances will corporal punishment be used
  • If children have any concerns they can contact Caldecott Fostering Service and use Children’s complaint procedure.
  • Annual review assessments and health and safety inspections on foster carers’ homes are undertaken.
  • Health and Safety, First Aid and child protection training is given to all Foster carers.
  • During the assessment process thorough and careful checks take place to ensure that applicants are suitable.
  • The foster carers have access to the agency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for support and guidance.

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Many children enjoy going on holiday with their foster carers.
  • All children placed with Caldecott Fostering Service are encouraged to attend full time education.
  • The Young Person’s newsletter has a regular feature dedicated to highlighting achievements of children and young people.
  • Caldecott Fostering Service encourages its carers to help their placed children have a broad experience of activities and to pursue the ones they like, whether or not they have perceived talent
  • Caldecott Fostering Service asks that carers encourage children to have lessons, e.g. in sport or music or the arts, to enhance their interest, develop friendship groups and to promote their self-confidence
  • Through the work of all our team members, we encourage carers to expect good and great things for their children, confident in the knowledge that, with carers’ close support, a child is likely to do well in some areas

Make a Positive Contribution

  • All children (foster children and birth children) are invited to contribute to their carers Annual Review.
  • Children are given a Guidebook that explains how they can get in contact with Caldecott Fostering Service if they have a problem or complaint. They are encouraged to have their say.
  • We seek to model, for both carers and children, the value system that we promote through training and through our interactions with them.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

  • Children are helped to contribute to reviews.
  • Children are encouraged to develop and the importance of education is emphasised- Foster carers support the children in placement by going into school.
  • Working closely with the placing authority and the young person to ensure that all are working towards better educational outcomes for the young person.
  • The children and young person’s guidebooks encourage pocket money to be saved. Foster Carers enable their placements to reach independence by helping them, where appropriate, to open bank accounts.
  • Caldecott Fostering Service carers receive an allowance that reflects the important and skilled work they do and enables them to have a comfortable lifestyle which encourages placed children to aspire to a similar one for themselves in independence.