Our Services

Fostering Services to Local Authorities

In response to increasing requests from local authorities, Caldecott Fostering Service was established in 2007 to provide Local Authorities and Trusts with a unique resource – effective and lasting placements, backed up by almost a century’s experience of caring for some of Britain’s most damaged and vulnerable children.

Caldecott Fostering Service offers placing authorities a range of possible placements for all ages of children and young people. All placements are matched to the skills and experience of foster carers to ensure a good fit with the needs of children and young people.

Placements we offer to Local Authorities

The Caldecott Fostering Service offers 4 different types of placement options:

  1. Long Term Placements
  2. Short Term Placements
  3. Therapeutic Placements
  4. Parent and baby Placements

Placement Information

Caldecott Fostering Service has a clear placement process, which involves gathering appropriate information about the proposed placement so that matching with carers can be undertaken to ensure that the needs of the child/young person can be met. All placements of children and young people with Caldecott Fostering Service foster carers are made and monitored in accordance with the Fostering Services Regulations.

In accordance with our Quality Assurance, regulation, and provisioning of services, all aspects of placements for looked after children and young people are outlined in our placement terms and conditions.