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We are extremely proud of the work we do with children and young people who have experienced difficult times in their lives. We are committed to making sure they are safe, well-cared for and supported to achieve their ambitions and desires.

We are part of the Caldecott Foundation, a leading provider of therapeutic care and education who have been working with vulnerable children in the UK for more than 100 years.

At the heart of everything we do at Caldecott Fostering is a belief in and practice of a learning and development culture. This means we are continually curious, reflective and evaluative; and constantly seeking to improve our behaviour and practice. In order to ensure that this is the case we embed the following practices into our work:

  • The Child’s voice, experiences, wishes and feelings is central
  • *Therapeutic reparenting training and workshops for foster carers – NAOTP
  • Commitment to clear policy and protocols
  • Sharing and celebrating outstanding practice and progress
  • Development of emotionally intelligent staff, foster carers, children and young people
  • Tailored support valued by foster carers
  • Clear focussed individual therapeutic plans

*Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting is a highly nurturing parenting approach, with empathy at its core

We use firm but fair boundaries and routines to aid the development of new neural pathways in the brain so children may gain trust in adults. And so their lower brain(survival brain) may connect with their higher brain (prefrontal cortex/thinking brain) so they can link cause and effect.

Using boundaries and routines helps children to understand there is consistency and predictably in their lives (they know they will have breakfast, lunch and tea plus snacks). TP advises you use visual timetables to support you children with this.

Respond with empathy using the PACE model (playfulness to connect and diffuse a situation, acceptance of the child whilst not accepting of aggression, curiosity to detect your child’s need all steeped in empathy).

The nature of fostering can be complex, challenging and demanding. This is because, fundamentally, fostering is about engaging with young people who for whatever reason have experienced fragmented and chaotic relationships and situations; abuse; insecure attachments and neglect. No one should be left feeling that they are solely responsible for this complex work without consistent and high quality, multi-layered support.

Ofsted and our foster carers both agree that the way we work as a team around the child reflects this reality.

Our relational model is a framework and a set of values to inform our interactions and decision making processes. It encourages creativity and innovation by our staff, foster carers and young people.

Knowledge and understanding of our model and applying it consistently ultimately supports young people to:

  • Act out less, by understanding themselves better
  • Acknowledge that their past experiences have influence on them now
  • Engage, in education training development
  • Accept that people need care and support
  • Verbalise and appropriately communicate feelings and needs
  • Develop safe and trusting relationships
  • Invest in and value relationships and repair ruptures when they occur

Our high quality therapeutic support and excellent rates reflect how we value our foster carers. Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the comments below from our recent carer survey…

  • Staff are brilliant, approachable, very supportive and understanding that’s why we have been with Caldecott for over 12years
  • I feel valued, respected and listened to.
  • They understand our family dynamics and work well with us around this
  • As a small Agency, Caldecott are committed to ensuring time for each individual Foster Carer and Family
  • I feel valued, I am listened to and respected, this is shown by all members of Caldecott.
  • The whole organisation from top to bottom shows a willingness to work with and alongside myself as a Foster Carer, providing support and encouraging different thoughts and procedures to better oneself through the fostering journey.
  • Caldecott encourage different ideas and will listen (something I have experienced not happening in Large organisations). During times of need Caldecott provide a full back up Family friendly team which provides support, compassion and a real commitment and shows they fully support me as one of their Foster Carers.
  • Caldecott Fostering always ensure newly approved carers have a buddy family to help them on their journey. They are introduced to the other members of the Caldecott family at events. During lockdowns, this was still high on Caldecott’s list and virtual get togethers were arranged.
  • We were well trained and the induction process was thorough and comprehensive.
  • We were made to be most welcome with staff and Foster Carers.  Support groups help with this.
  • I feel very much part of a professional team with Caldecott
  • I feel like an integral part of the Team Around the Child. I am given ample opportunity to share my views and concerns regarding the children in my care.
  • There is always someone to listen if there are problems and are very good with their advice and support.
  • As a small Agency, we are lucky to have a very strong team that want the best for all.  Any of the team will get back to help with enquiries.
  • Caldecott are brilliant communicating with us that includes their 24/7 support.
  • Our manager is brilliant always at the end of a phone, on the occasions she is busy she will return the call.
  • All foster carer training is delivered in a way that helps me work positively with the children in my care and those in the Caldecott family.
  • All training to date has been insightful and relevant and has proven invaluable in helping us become effective therapeutic carers.
  • I have a good working relationship with my SSW and know I can go to her with any concern and she will listen and support me.
  • Through good and bad I know there is a pillar of support helping me through every step of the way, very professional with a personal touch too who will support fully even at times of maybe not agreeing fully (and this doesn’t happen often)
  • My supervising social worker is always there to answer anything I may need to ask of her. Will provide words of encouragement when needed and ways to improve.
  • My SSW is always available, she responds to my phone calls and often calls me or emails me after thinking about the issue to provide ideas and resources.
  • My SSW – We work hand in hand as professional people for the welfare needs of our child in placement. We have a good working relationship.
  • Communication – Absolutely first class correspondence whether it’s a message to say chin up, a call of congrats or an email there is always effective communication.
  • There have been occasions when my Daughter has needed to speak about some of her own feelings and thoughts, again the whole of Caldecott have jumped in to help not just one individual, this has made her feel very secure in sharing her thoughts and feelings then on.
  • There are always lots of activities available for foster Carers, young people, birth children and staff to enjoy together.
  • We are so fortunate to be able to meet up with our Caldecott family and to be offered a wide range of activities.
  • We love the parties, activities that Caldecott put on it’s not just for us and our young people our own family are include too…
  • I appreciated the increased therapeutic support when I needed it.
  • Therapeutic support is valuable to me, to be able to talk through any challenges and positives. I always come away from my session with something to try. The support workers are all very approachable and much loved by my child and the children in my care. I know I can speak to any of them if I need to….
  • The therapeutic support is very much appreciated and helps to focus me. The support workers are valuable in providing another source of support to the young people and Carers.
  • Our buddies were and still are fantastic at supporting me. When I first became a foster carer and had a billion questions I didn’t hesitate to ask. I know that I can get in touch when needed. Being a buddy has given me the opportunity to support new carers and offer advice when needed.
  • I enjoy having a young person in the family and it is rewarding to see the small changes and progress they are making. I feel that I am doing something worthy.
  • I love what I do, knowing that along with my family we are making a difference to the lives of the two children in our care. Seeing the progress we have all made along the way. Being able to help and support others within the Caldecott family.
  • Fostering has provided me with a much-welcomed change in working lifestyle and one in which I now feel that I can give back. I am in a privileged position following a career in finance to now help others. Fostering has given me that opportunity and the opportunity to work in partnership with my wife. For we are a good team and work well together.
  • We have enjoyed our journey of Fostering.  We welcome each and every one into our home and believe there is a child we can support to living independently.
  • Outstanding agency, I feel supported and respected
  • Everyone involved in Caldecott are caring, supportive and approachable, I been fully supported to support my Foster child in challenging times
  • Caldecott is putting the children first and not just making a business out of giving children a better life
  • It feels like a ‘family’
  • The small team allows you to get to know everyone and there seems to be very few staff changes, Caldecott are an extended Family and encompass all the positives we feel that Fostering should be…
  • There is always someone available to support either the children or us in any difficult situation we find ourselves in and every member of staff has a wide knowledge on the children we are taking care of….
  • I belong to a Foster company that care for their foster carers as well as the children