At Caldecott Fostering we welcome applicants of any race, gender or sexuality. Whilst it is fairly straightforward to be a foster carer, there are some minimum requirements that you will need to meet:

What you do need:

  • You must have a suitable spare room in your house.

  • You need to be able to provide close supervision and care to a child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as you would for your own child.

  • Be willing to work as part of a team of professionals, such as social workers, teachers, therapists in the best interests of the child.

  • To be 25 years old or over, we do not have an upper age limit.

  • To have access to a car or be able to drive.

  • To be healthy enough to manage the care of a child.

  • To have no serious convictions or cautions.

  • Be flexible, patient and determined not to give up.

You don’t need:

  • To be in a relationship, you can be a single person of any gender.

  • To have your own children, although we do like experience of working with children in some way, it is your commitment that is the most important thing.

A Valued Professional

Fostering is a professional role, although most people will agree it is more than a job. You will be a very important part of a professional team around the foster child and will be expected to come to meetings with the Local Authority, Schools and other meetings which plan for the care of the child. You will need to be flexible and available to attend such meetings.

We at Caldecott invest heavily our carer’s professional development and we will provide you with all the opportunities you will need to train and to become highly skilled members of the professional team.

We have an exciting timetable of training you can choose from covering a diverse range of topics relevant to your role as a Foster Carer. We also run a monthly support group for our carers where you can meet your fellow carers over a coffee and share experiences and support each other.

Young people who need your care

Once approved and depending on your approval terms, you could be fostering a child of any age, from 0 to 18.

Children and young people who a referred to Caldecott will have had a difficult time in their lives and will be looking for a home where they can be safe and well-cared for. With our support, your work as a Foster Carer will help them go on to have happy and fulfilling lives.

Some children might need a foster home for a short time, during a difficult time in their lives, then return to their birth families after taking a break with a foster family. 

Other children might need a home until they become adults at the age of 18. Some children go on to ‘staying put’ arrangements with their foster carers, which means they stay in the home after the age of 18 and up to the age of 21, to help them get ready for being independent adults.